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Near 9 Manby Close, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QR

Wolverhampton City Council - St. Peter's Ward


Reported 13/03/2019 10:26
Completed Yes On 14/03/2019
Visible to public Yes
Category Graffiti
Status Closed
Job Code 1313123

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27/05/2019 Broken glass, litter and fly tipping (black bags behind rail and to right on path out of photo)
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27/05/2019 Fly tipping to the rear of a property on Darlaston lane adjacent to the entrance to hunters close.
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26/05/2019 Bin has been smashed on the field near childs avenue park
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26/05/2019 footpath trip hazard. I tripped over this where footpath gas either lifted or subsided to creat a trip hazard
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26/05/2019 rubbish corner Pugh road been there couple weeks
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26/05/2019 dumped household rubbish outside parade of shops on Harrowby Road.
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