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Near 7 Shayler Grove, Wolverhampton WV2 3PA, UK

Wolverhampton City Council - Ettingshall Ward


Reported 14/12/2017 14:11
Completed No
Visible to public Yes
Category Fly tipping
Status In Progress
JobCode 932273

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14/12/2017 2 mattresses
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14/12/2017 double mattress and carpet
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14/12/2017 I have reported cinder hill around 15 minutes ago since reporting the road there as been another accident. now these 2 cars are stuck blocking the road causing more trouble for cars coming up and down. i have just witnessed someone nearly get knocked over as the car mounted the footpath. in future this road needs to be gritted
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14/12/2017 cinder hill is like sheet of black ice. I understand the weathers been bad but it was forcaste and this road was still not gritted. I have witnessed 3 accidents this morning. two of the cars having young children on board. cars are just not stopping and skidding down. i can garantee there will be at least 10 accidents on this road today only. As a big council you should be ashamed at the state of the roads.
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14/12/2017 Iced up paths midland metro staff say not their job to clear wheelchair access to tram stop. Very difficult to pass on foot.
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